Our approach combines academic theory with over 30 years of experience

Our process has been refined and developed over more than 30 years running and supporting organisations like yours to innovate, develop and grow. Using our experience along with sound business theory we will help you design your business to respond to the needs of the 21st Century.

Mantle - Fran

Meet Fran

Until 2020, Fran was CEO of a Sheffield housing charity. In her role, her objective was make the organisation financially sustainable so it could improve housing provision in the city for single people and those at risk of homelessness. During her tenure, Fran led the transformation of the charity – from being threatened closure it reached a position of strength and financial sustainability. She oversaw the diversification of their income streams, and introduced substantial additional revenue from trading.

Fran has been growing, developing, and stabilising charities and social enterprises for a very long time. She has extensive experience in senior leadership, income diversification, and strategic development.

She has overseen major strategic and governance reviews, so understands the challenges involved in aligning the visions of beneficiaries, staff, trustees, and others. She also knows that there’s a world of difference between developing a strategy and implementing it!

Fran now runs a consultancy firm specialising in helping social enterprises, charities, and purpose-driven organisations with strategic development.

She holds a BA in English from Goldsmiths, University of London, and a Masters in Public Administration from the University of York.

Mantle - Grant

Meet Grant

Grant is no stranger to setting up successful businesses. He has established a number of highly successful companies across diverse sectors, focusing on everything from web development to music industry management. 

Grant is the founder of a successful non-profit in Malawi, providing sustainable economic development opportunities to local communities, including nursery schools and eco-farms. On top of this, he’s had an extensive career supporting young people in the charity sector both on the frontline and in fundraising, marketing and business development roles. 

Born in Sheffield but having lived in both Australia and Malawi, Grant has grown a number of international enterprises, businesses and nonprofits. He currently enjoys a portfolio career, supporting several established charities, social enterprises, businesses and startups with strategy management, implementation and project management. He currently holds senior management positions with two organisations a Tech for Good start-up and a social enterprise providing alternative education provision.

Grant also works as a management consultant focusing on supporting purpose-driven organisations with their business planning, project management and with the operational challenges associated with implementing a new way of working.


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