Our Ethical Business Journey: Growing Together for a Brighter Future

Over the course of our own journeys, our process has evolved and improved, guiding and supporting organisations like yours to innovate, develop, and flourish. Combining our extensive experience with solid business theory, we will help design your business to meet the demands of the 21st Century successfully.

Let’s build a brighter future together!

Mantle - Fran

Meet Fran

Fran is the co-founder of a tech-for-good start-up, Family Phone, a digital hub that enables people to live independently with cognitive decline, and help give peace of mind to families and carers. The Family Phone digital hub is designed in collaboration with people living with dementia.

Alongside running her own start-up, Fran acts as a strategic advisor, NED and consultant to purpose-driven businesses, social enterprises, and charities. She specialises in strategic development, income generation and fundraising, and leadership. She works directly with CEO, senior team, and board of directors to develop and implement organisational resilience. Fran has overseen several major strategic and governance reviews, so understands the challenges involved in aligning the visions and reality.

Until 2020, Fran was CEO of a Sheffield housing charity, Nomad Opening Doors. In her role, her objective was make the organisation financially sustainable so it could improve housing provision in the city for single people and those at risk of homelessness. During her tenure, she led the transformation of the charity – from being threatened closure it reached a position of strength and financial sustainability. Fran oversaw the diversification of their income streams, and introduced substantial additional revenue from trading.

Fran has extensive experience in senior leadership and governance, income diversification, and strategic development, and holds a BA in English from Goldsmiths, University of London, and a Masters in Public Administration from the University of York.

Mantle - Jodie

Meet Jodie

Jodie is the Founder and Managing Director of the long standing social enterprise A Mind Apart. Starting the company at the height of the recession in 2008 Jodie built the performing arts company to be resilient and responsive to the needs of the community it serves, whilst training and supporting individuals internationally within the education, youth and performing arts sectors. She led the company through Covid at a time when the arts sector was in serious difficulties, strengthening the company as a result. 

Holding a Masters in Social Enterprise and Cooperative Management, Jodie has extensive experience of supporting, coaching and consulting social enterprises and other ethical based businesses. Her work has included taking organisation from being volunteer led to being sustainable businesses employing individuals and increasing their impact and growth.

Jodie has been running her own social enterprise and supporting charities, not for profit organisations and small businesses internationally for over fifteen years guiding them in change management, development and growth, accountability, governance and ethical practices. As a coach, mentor and consultant she works with clients to develop a clear picture of where they are going, supporting them to think big picture, whilst focusing on the detail and implementing it to achieve their goals.

Jodie works with businesses in all sectors supporting them to be purpose-driven with meaningful processes, structure and impact, and holds specialist knowledge within the areas of education, creative and cultural, youth, wellbeing, social enterprise and  community. 

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